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 The 7 titles (2006)


This is the new and upgrade of my old site from 2002. Here I've done some changes to design and categorizations. All artworks in the Flash gallery have Internet as
part of their context- Contextual Internet Based
Art Exhibition (Cibaxhition)
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Only artworks marked
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Up to 2005

Watercolour*(croquis) 2004 watercolor
Skylight 2004 photo
Tantra sex 2004 photo, film
Into pieces*  2004 mixed
rough and soft * 2003 mixed
artmoney*   2003 mixed
Paronomasia*:Words In Box, Love In Box, History In Box, Natrue In Box 2003 Installation
Away {Journey, KE, Pol Ice} 2002 photo
Peyote { freedom to pullute,
halu una, halu doce} 2002
Serial(3) Off the Net photo
Serial(2) { Look Like This, Pair I, Astonishing 6 Hours } photo
Serial(1) { Is it love?, ..., With Love from Analya* } photo
Painting(II)* {My 60 Min. }   oil
Playful Night {One Light Two Candles And a Cop of Coffee, Ghostly Dark, Nightly Confusion} (Off the Net) photo

Going mobile 2006:

Up to 2005
Watercolour* (croquis) dec.2004
Skylight autumn.2004
Tantra sex 2003
Into Pieces* winter.2003
rough and soft* autumn.2003
artmoney* autumn.2003
paronomasia/ (Off the Net) apr-sep.2003
Paronomasia Words In Box* jan-sep.2003
forms of talk(I)/ (Off the Net) sept.2002
Away/ -
Peyote/ -
serial(3)/ (Off the Net) aug 2002
Serial(2)/ -
Serial(1)/ -
Painting(I) 1999 * 1996-1999
PlayfulNight/ (Off the Net) june.2003
Graphic (I) * 1997- 2000

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