The 7 titles:

I was forced to make 7 titles with 7 identities in 7 weeks and live them all . They became as followed:


Bamdad Khoshdin Humanized 13.aug.06 - 01.35, week 32
Buda Christensen Varied and diversified 5.aug.06 - 03.29, week 31
Mazdak Zartoshtia Equality in possession 28.july.06 - 02.30, week 30
Mani Rastegar Emancipate 21.july.06 - 00.00, week 29
Rosary Spark Equilibrium 14.july.06 - 15.30, week 28
Shirin Arezuii Peace in all minds and hearts 7.july.06 - 2.25 AM, week 27
Mark Blur Tranquillity   1.july.06 - 5.35 AM, week 26

Question and answer:

Q: why did you do that?
A: Because I had to. Because there's a lot into it and I can't explain it all, sorry.

Q: What did people say?
A: It is crazy / Are you mad / Howlong have you thought about this / It is interesting / I 've never thought about it

Q: Did you achieve what you wanted?
A: Yes. It is been very giving.